At FLOYDCO, no task is too large or small for us, from picture frames to tabletops, we can get the job done right. We specialize in glass, mirror, plexiglass and framed mirror as well as speciality glass products like tempered, laminated and heat treated glass. We offer customized special edge work and pattern cuts to your size and frame. And should your order be too large for you to transport, we have you covered with our delivery service.

For larger wholesalers and factories, we have a complete inventory of sheets of float, laminated, and wire glass, mirrors, and plexiglass in various thickness and size. We also carry aluminum extrusions and related glazing products for any application. Through our nationwide network of vendor partners, we have access to any specialty glazing products you may require. And because of our large inventory and volume purchasing power, we are able to offer you our products at unbeatable prices.

Our Retail services include:

  • All types of glass, mirrors, plexiglass, and safety glass work
  • Mirror framing
  • Table tops construction
  • Glass cutting and edge work
  • Glass replacement
  • Custom mirrors
  • Sliding glass cabinet doors construction
  • Custom fabrication
  • Installation of caulks, sealants, and adhesives

Inventory and Cuts

Pattern 62

Satin Frosted